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What’s going on guys??We think everything is fine & goes very well.Okay today we are going to give you a best offer with vShare download.Without any annoy talks lets get into the deal.At the very first of the article we think you have to get an idea about the vShare & it’s features that have been provided for users.

What is the vShare?

We can introduce as another platform that allows to users to download hundred of free Apps and Games as they desired to download.This is behave as similar as Apple store and completely compatible with the Jailbroken iDevices.

Methods that you can get vShare download on your device

(01).Install vShare using the repos.

(02).Install vShare in your iDevice using a computer and a windows installer.

(03).Install vShare directly from your device using Safari to direction to the installer.

Download and install vShare with Jailbreak your idevice

First thing as you following this simple and easiest guides you must understand,If you already have not been Jailbroken your idevice you have to Jailbreak it first to get vShare on this method.If you already have been Jailbroken your device at the movement you are almost in the exploit guys let me say vShare download on your device in few minutes.

Make sure your iOS is a Jailbreakable before you are going to Jailbreak it.You should not wary about this because Jailbreak is the process that you can remove every hardware and software restrictions from your idevice that Apple has been instituted as an annoy for your works with your idevice.You can get a complete idea about the Jailbreak and you can easily  Jailbreak your device if you are desired to it to get vShare download on your device.Please follow our complete Jailbreak guides with Installer Cydia.


Step 01-Once you finished the Jailbreak process you can see the Cydia icon on your home screen.Now open the cydia and go to settings.Tap on the Manage icon.

Step 02-Navigate Sources>Edit>Add respectively.

Step 03-repo.apvv.com and repo.insanelyi.com are the official vShare rpos. In this step you have to Add those repos.

Step 04-If you are done with us so far now go to the Cydia and search vShare on it.If you are followed properly our guides vShare should be available from the official repositories.

Step 05-Now install the vShare using Cydia.If you are not fit with this you can follow it above link

If you are installed the vShare properly exit from the Cydia and check your home screen it will on your hand now.Be enjoy with the vShare and keep touch with us to get latest updates about the vShare.We always on your side.

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