The Most Underrated Shows on Netflix

The Most Underrated Shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is a streaming giant with a vast content library that has something for everyone. From award-winning dramas to binge-worthy comedies, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. However, some shows tend to fly under the radar and don’t get the attention they deserve.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting five of the most underrated shows on Netflix right now!

1. The OA

The OA” is a sci-fi drama series that premiered in 2016 and was canceled after two seasons. The show follows Prairie Johnson, a young woman who returns home after being missing for seven years. She was blind when she disappeared but can now see, claiming that she was held captive by an unknown captor who experimented on her.

One of the reasons why “The OA” is so underrated is that it’s difficult to categorize. It’s part mystery, part science fiction, part fantasy, and part drama. The show also deals with themes such as trauma, mental health, and spirituality, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, “The OA” offers viewers an experience, unlike any other show on television. The performances are top-notch, the storytelling is ambitious and thought-provoking, and it challenges viewers to think outside the box and consider alternative perspectives.

2. American Vandal

American Vandal” is a mockumentary series that satirizes true crime documentaries like “Making A Murderer.” The show first premiered in 2017 and ran for two seasons before being canceled due to low ratings.

The premise of “American Vandal” revolves around high school student Dylan Maxwell (played by Jimmy Tatro) who gets expelled after being accused of vandalizing 27 faculty cars with phallic images. Two fellow students Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) decide to investigate the case themselves and document their findings in a documentary-style format.

What sets American Vandal apart from other mockumentaries is its attention to detail and commitment to its premise. The show takes itself seriously despite its absurdity, it never winks at the audience or tries too hard to be funny.

The writing is sharp, witty, and filled with pop culture references that will make you laugh out loud. But beneath all the humor lies a deeper commentary on how we consume media and judge others based on surface-level information.

3. Dark

Dark is a German-language sci-fi thriller series that premiered in 2017 and concluded with its third season in 2020. The show takes place in Winden, Germany where strange occurrences begin happening after two children go missing.

At its core, “Dark” explores themes such as time travel, fate versus free will, and family dynamics through multiple timelines spanning different decades.

The main reason why we think Dark might be underrated is that it requires active engagement from viewers due to its complex plotlines involving multiple characters across different timelines, it can be easy to get lost if you’re not paying close attention.

However, if you’re willing to invest your time into this show’s intricate web of relationships and timelines then you’ll be rewarded with one of the best sci-fi thrillers ever produced for television!

4. Big Mouth

Created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, Big Mouth is an animated comedy series about puberty that premiered in 2017. The show features an all-star voice cast including Kroll himself along with John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele among others.

Despite tackling sensitive subjects like sexuality, puberty, and mental health issues, Big Mouth is surprisingly heartfelt, hilarious, and relatable. The animation style may not appeal to everyone, but it allows for some creative visual gags that wouldn’t work otherwise.

Plus, the musical numbers are catchy as hell! If you’re looking for something raunchy yet sweet, Big Mouth is definitely worth checking out.

5. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a crime drama series set during the late ’70s – early ’80s America. The story follows FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff)and Bill Tench(Holt McCallany)as they interview serial killers in order to understand their motives better. This knowledge helps them solve ongoing cases.

Mindhunter is well-written, directed, and acted. It tackles themes like psychology, sociology, culture, and gender roles. While it’s not as action-packed as other crime dramas, it does offer unique insight into what makes serial killers tick.

Unfortunately, “Mindhunter” was canceled after two seasons in 2019 due to budgetary reasons. However, the show has gained a cult following since its release and is considered by many to be one of the best crime dramas on Netflix.


These five shows are just a few examples of the many underrated gems that can be found on Netflix. They may not have the same level of recognition as some of the more popular shows on the platform, but they offer unique perspectives and quality storytelling that shouldn’t be overlooked.

So next time you’re scrolling through Netflix looking for something new to watch, consider giving one of these shows a chance, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

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