15 note-taking apps for iPhone and iPad

These days, relying on notebooks, planners, and sheets of paper is not the most efficient and practical way to take notes. It is even recommended that you use document scanning apps to create a copy of important documentation. If you are looking for more practical ways to save information, categorize it, and never worry about having to look up what you need to write on what page or sheet, this article is for you. Our list of 15 iPhone and iPad note-taking apps will surely help you find a solution that turns your mobile device into the best notepad option.

One of the main features of these tools is that they allow you to index your data, making it much easier to access and find them whenever you need them. Plus, you won’t need a pen!

1 – Evernote

You have surely heard of Evernote, considered by millions of users worldwide as one of the best note-taking apps. It offers 3 types of plans, Basic, Premium and Business, each with different features and values. The Basic plan is entirely free and already provides all the basic features for its users to write notes and organize them.

One of its biggest advantages is cloud synchronization, allowing access to your documents from any device. In addition, it is also possible to share anything with your friends, family or co-workers.

2 – Notes

Apple itself provides a basic application, but it can certainly meet your needs. Notes comes standard on our iOS devices. It offers features such as adding checklists to your notes, inviting other users to edit your notes, scanning and turning documents into notes directly from the app, adding attachments, links, and more.

Your notes can also be protected via password, fingerprint, or using Face ID to recognize your face. Other than that, Notes is synced directly with iCloud, making it easy to access across different devices. If you can’t find it on your iPhone or iPad.

3 – OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s solution among note-taking apps. Use its powerful features to keep anything you want to keep really organized. The application allows you to add attachments and images to your notes, as well as create lists that can be used to keep track of your tasks, market purchases, and more.

You can also make notes in drawing form, using your finger or mobile device pen to write or scribble whatever you want. And of course, the app is synchronized with OneDrive, one of the best apps for everyday life.

4 – Google Keep

Need to make quick and simple notes in a practical and organized way? Google Keep is perfect for this situation. It looks like the stickers we use in our workstations and offices. Each note can be categorized using titles and colors, and you can add photos, audios and create checklists.

You can also set dates for the app to send notifications and reminders about your notes. In addition, the app offers the ability to automatically transcribe voice recordings to text. Keep also synchronizes everything between all your devices with the app installed.

5 – Simplenote

Simplenote is certainly one of the best note-taking apps on the iPhone and iPad, and is also available for other platforms. Your notes are securely stored in the cloud, making them easy to access anywhere, from any device. Users can create titles and categories for their notes so they can find them quickly in the future.

Also, with Simplenote you can share lists or notes with other users, allowing you to work together, share instructions, and more. It is free and really handy.

6 – Zoho Notebook

The Notebook app is one of the note-taking apps created by Zoho Corporation, a company that also offers project management platforms, among other solutions. The app saves your notes in the cloud, synchronizing them and allowing access through any other device.

Protect private notes with a password or TouchID, share with other users, create reminders and schedule notifications, and much more. The Notebook is complete and very easy to use.

7 – StickMe Notes

Create shopping lists, organize activities, and write down anything you need in a convenient way with StickMe. It’s a bit reminiscent of Google Keep, considering how your notes look. Users can mark specific notes as important, set and schedule reminder alarms, and even hide private notes in a secret folder.

Additionally, you can also share notes directly via WhatsApp, email and through other apps.

8 – Todoist

Todoist is actually a time management app that can also be used as one of your note-taking apps. It allows users to set up, schedule, and track their tasks on a daily basis.

9 – Bear

Awarded by Apple itself for its Design in 2017, Bear is one of the best note-taking apps for iPhone and iPad. Create notes of any shape or form, add tags and bookmarks, categorize them, and make it easy to organize everything you need.

The app is free, but it also offers a paid plan, Bear Pro, which allows you to synchronize your files across multiple devices.

10 – Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is not exactly a note-taking application, but it can be used as such. In general it is used to create notes, share ideas and projects with other users. Very useful for companies and businesses, Paper allows members of the same team to brainstorm directly through the app. The best part is that it is free.

11 – Things 3

Looking for a good tool to organize your ideas, remember what is needed, and create to-do lists? Things 3 offers all this and can also be used as one of your note-taking apps. It is not free, but it also won Apple’s 2017 Design Award and has excellent reviews in the App Store.

Organize your activities, plan what is needed, create agendas and schedules through the app.

12 – Standard Notes

If you need a simple, lightweight and practical app for your notes, Standard Notes can meet your needs. It is secure and features encryption systems for your documents. Furthermore, the app is able to synchronize between different platforms.

Mark your most important notes, pin them to the top, and create new files even while offline. Standard Notes is free.

13 – Ulysses

Ulysses is a bit more robust than just a note-taking application. It is actually a complete text editor, organized by directories and folders. Use it to create extensive notes, add images, dates, and more.

Your documents can be exported as PDFs for other devices. It can be downloaded for free, but requires a subscription to actually use it.

14 – Draft 5

The newest version of Draft allows its users to quickly write notes, make text edits, and even share them across multiple platforms. Once you have created a new document, you can tag it with tags and categories in your inbox. In fact, Draft 5 also works for Apple Watch.

15 – InkPad Notepad

If you prefer a more traditional approach to your note-taking, you might like InkPad. It offers a clean and simple interface that is reminiscent of a regular notebook. Create different notes, make to-do lists, shopping lists, and edit them at any time. The app is able to synchronize and save your documents in the cloud, these can be accessed through your account used in InkPad itself.

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