5 student apps you must have on your iPad

The iPad is a tool that serves not only for entertainment but also for studies
Even the most distracted and disorganized student can get his academic life in order with the help of time management apps
To convert handwritten notes into a digital format there are also apps specially created for this purpose
No one can escape the usefulness of New Technologies as tools to help with studies. The development of apps for the iPad has opened the door to new experiences. A lightweight world, easy to carry and that fits in the palm of your hand.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is every student’s best friend, because it has answers for almost everything. It is a kind of virtual consultant, presenting definitions or graphically representing a complex function, depending on the request. The app answers questions directly by extracting the answers from a structured database, rather than presenting a list of documents or web pages, as search engines do.

Documents 5

Consulting documents is something basic for any student. With Documents 5, a powerful and versatile file management center, you can look up almost any type of file. You can read, listen, view, and take notes on your iPad.

Good Notes

There are many students who prefer to take notes by hand rather than directly on the computer, because they feel more comfortable. Now there is an app that allows you to save handwritten notes and write directly to PDF files. The notes are treated as vector drawings and recognized by the system, which allows you to search through the written notes.

With GoodNotes you can choose between different types of paper, various notebook covers, whether they are squared, line or even music staves and record the most diverse notes even if you study a subject where there are less common symbols.


It is a versatile tool that helps students get organized and plan their university assignments. It is very useful for when you have a lot of group work and need a good internal organization.

You can create boards to organize your studies, use the app individually or invite colleagues or family to collaborate, customize workflows for different projects, add checklists of “things to do” on cards, assign tasks to yourself or colleagues, add photos and videos, among other features.

Trello also gives you an overview of all your projects, whether at college or at home.


To avoid the reams of paper, Scanbot allows you to immediately scan the documents that your classmates lend you in college such as notes and exercises. So you can do without physical documents and take them wherever you want with your iPad.

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